Why should you choose a non-toxic nail polish?

When you talk about nails, it is a great way for women to reveal their personality and show off with beautiful colors. It is important to make sure that the nail polish color chosen by you doesn’t affect your body in the wrong way. Human beings have the social responsibility of taking care of the environment around and hence, the products applied on any part of the body should be considered well before purchasing.

Here are some of the important reasons you should keep in mind to choose the non-toxic nail polish:

  1. Health is primary

Outer beauty is important to consider but inner safety is always first. There are many harmful ingredients added in the cheap nail polishes (such as DBP- Dibutyl Phthalate) which can be cancerous or affect the nervous system in the long run. The natural ingredients are safe for health and there is the assurance of getting non-toxic solutions for your body.

  • Environment friendly

Whatever you are using on your body has to be environment friendly. If the products you use are bad for our surroundings, there is no use of them at all. The details about the nail polish should be considered well and its production mode should be considered. Nail polishes using natural ingredients are present in the market.

  • Anti-smelling

The aroma of nail polish is important to consider and the scent shouldn’t be too strong such that it becomes a headache in the long run. The smell could be due to the hard chemicals contained in the nail polish. The nail polish made up of natural ingredients is odor-free.

  • Hazardous waste

Nail polish disposal is very important to be done in the right way. It comes under the category of hazardous waste, like other house paints and solvents. Old plastic bottles shouldn’t be thrown in the regular garbage as it pollutes the landfills. The disposal should be done in the right way to avoid harm to the environment.

  • Effect on nails

The health of nails depends on the quality of nail polish. Toxic nail polishes and treatments can make your nails brittle and dry with repeated use. Nails can get yellow if you don’t use quality products. Stop coating the nails with poison.

  • Safe for kids and teenagers

Chemicals in nail polishes are not good for anyone, especially teenagers and kids. Girls are fond of bright colors and don’t want to spend too much on them. It is advisable to buy the cosmetics marketed for the youth and safe in all aspects.

Chemical-free products are the most preferred options to choose and you need to be responsible for choosing the nail polishes. Non-toxic nail polishes should only be preferred. It is wiser to buy the nail paints priced a little more rather than putting poison on your nails. Never think about ruining your body for anything cheap.


Sally Hansen Nail Polish

The brand Sally Hansen was on the name of its beautiful owner who was a style icon. This brand was established in the year 1946. The owner was a fearless lady who became an entrepreneur by working with fullest efforts by defying the orthodox trends of the society.

Sally Hansen is a nail color and nails care brand with a variety of nail products meant for classy women. There are over 500 shades available in the company’s listing which matches the taste of almost every woman. The nail polish ingredients are completely safe on nails. The brand is a choice for women looking for affordable and high-quality beauty products. The company launches nail products regularly and the products are distributed over 55 nations worldwide. It is one of the topmost liked brands in the US. Sally Hansen is so much more than just nails, with products ranging in 5 beauty categories: nail colors, nail care solutions, beauty tools, sunless tan & hair removal products.

The nail color categories offered by Sally Hansen nail polish are:

  1. Good, Kind, Pure
    This nail polish is 100% vegan and the range offer 16 plant-based shades to offer the beautiful colors and shine to your nails. Even the brush is plant-based and well optimized to be applied well with the newest formulation.
  2. Miracle Gel
    This concept gives a salon gel manicure look to your home. These are long-lasting nail polish shades which are the highest selling amongst the gel nail polish concepts in the US. This is designed for the women looking for longer wear of nail polishes.
  3. Insta-Dri
    Insta-Dri is a 3-in-1 formulation for the long wear and chip resistance formula. The newest shades are available in new matte metallic tones, making the nail paints highly in demand.
  4. Color Therapy
    These shades provide caring for your nails while you wear them. The argan oil formulation nourishes the nails and makes the paint look great.
  5. Mega Strength
    This formulation is the best for brittle and weak nails. It gives strength and color to the nails and fortifies them. The nails are protected from breakage, peel, and cracking.
  6. Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
    This nail polish formulation gives an extremely glossy tone and hardness to the nails.
  7. Salon Gel Polish nail color
    This nail polish gives professional salon results and gives quality gel nail colors similar to what you can get in the salon. There is a mirror shining without any chipping which lasts for about 2 weeks.
  8. Gel Nail Color Starter Kit
    This saves your time and money. There can be about ten salon gel manicures that could be done at home without spending huge money on a salon.
  9. Nail art pen
    This pen is great to do French Manicures at home and the product is completely water-based with environmental friendliness.
  10. Nail Care
    Sally Hansen offers nail care products aimed at giving strength to your nails.

Try the different finishes of color-changing nail polishes

Color changing nail polishes are just like changing the makeup and clothes. We can switch the nail colors as per the times and seasons. There are some colors that look great in summers and the others are fascinating to apply in winters. The concept of color-changing nail polishes is worth trying. You will be able to get different colors on your nails and it would be like getting two shades for the price of one. Why not give it a try and choose the color variation concepts in different nail polish tones.

Color changing concepts will be like having two shades on your nails at one time for two different moods. There is absolutely no time or tricks required for the same, and you can enjoy the high-end colors without any need to repaint. You can try out some of the finest nail polishes meant to give a double manicure effect on your nails. The chip-free long-lasting nail polishes can give an amazing tone to your nails. The young and dynamic ladies love to try new concepts and the blazing and roasting shades in different weathers can give a positive impact on your personality.

The two-in-one effect of nail polish is very attractive for shoppers. You can realize that the stunning colors would give a great look at your personality. It is entertaining to look at the swapping colors of your nails. The following categories of twin-colored nail paints are preferred by women:

  • Shimmer: There is a variation in the nail paint on different angles
  • Creamy: The real beauty of nails on the different modes like sunrise and sunset
  • Confetti glitter: Swapping of colors on exposure to UV rays of the sun. The white polish hint adds to the color-shifting of nail polish
  • Funfetti: The thermal effect can be attained through this mode. The white base along with the cute base shade is the specialty of funfetti effect
  • Metallic: This is wonderful and the variation in shades is defined well. The pink will go towards orange or peach tone by giving a great look to the nails
  • Glittery: The gel nail paints go on changing from bright to subtle shades. It is the most impressive variation in terms of wearing tacky shades and getting a sweet look with the change of angle

The perfect manicure can be achieved with the most suitable shades applied to the nails. Many stores and online options give color changing nail polish range. Some shades change with variation in body temperature. Like, putting your hands in cold or warm water or moving out to high-temperature areas will give the color-changing effect.

Nail fashions can experiment well with color varying concepts. Companies like Lechat, Gellen, BMC, and other premium brands have introduced the color-variable shades appealing eyes and minds. Art nails have always been in fashion and are considered to be a way to express your real fashion sense.


Top Nail Polish Brands

Nail polishes are an essential part of a woman’s makeup closet. Choosing the right cosmetics is quite important because these are applied directly to the skin. The same goes for when you’re choosing nail polish. One must always take care that the nail polish used should not have any harsh effects on the nails or skin.

These are some of the admired nail polish brands and none of them fails to satisfy their customers with supreme quality. Here are some of the best nail polish brands that are amongst the best to buy for the shoppers:

  1. Essie

Essie is a globally appreciated nail polish brand that was founded by Essie Weingarten in 1981. Initially, she brought up only twelve new nail polish colors in Las Vegas, Nevada. At present, the headquarters of Essie is situated in New York City. L’Oreal took over this brand under its brand name in the year 2010. This brand is hugely famous amongst celebs and has quite a few special ingredients to add to its great quality. With many options for the shades, it is a high profile and a distinguished nail polish brand.

  • Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann is a very professional American nail polish brand that was co-founded by Deborah Lippmann who is a celebrity, singer, and fashionista. She uniquely names her nail polishes as they are named after the titles of famous songs. She has popularly designed nail paints for many Hollywood stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts, and many more. This is a vegan nail polish brand and the products are not tested on animals.

  • OPI Products

With its headquarters sited in Calabasas, California, OPI products have come a long way and have turned out to be renowned manufacturers of nail paints. This brand comes under the name Coty Inc. The nail polishes are very long-lasting and are available in more than 200 various shades. It has a quick-dry formula and everything a woman requires from her nail polish.

  • Revlon

Revlon is a very old and immensely reliable cosmetic brand in the United States. It was jointly founded by Joseph Revson, Charles Revson, and Charles Lachman on March 1, 1932, in New York City. All the products of Revlon are world famous and so are its nail polishes as well. A single layer coat of this nail polish is enough for a perfect salon-style look. This brand offers products for almost all kinds of customers and the quality is great.

  • Sally Hansen

This American brand is quite old and was established by the American businesswoman, dancer, inventor, writer, and actress Sally Hansen. It was founded in the year 1946 in New York City. Nail polishes of this brand can give one a manicure at home. Many of the nail polishes under this brand are easily available at affordable prices. The range of its gel nail polishes widely acclaimed and renowned. It is very long-lasting and is a popular choice of many around the world.


Orly Nail Polish

Orly is a popular nail care brand that was founded in the year 1975 by Jeff Pink. The company’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles. It is the largest privately-owned nail brand in the USA. Jeff Pink is the mind behind French manicures and it reveals that the concept of these manicures is more than 30 years old. Orly has gained immense popularity because of its distinctive features.

Let us discuss a few attributes of this international nail care brand that makes Orly nail polish stand out in the league of other brands:

  • Orly nail polishes are often termed as the ‘cruelty-free nail polish’ because it is a purely vegan brand. The products have a high-quality which makes them better than the other nail polish and cosmetic brands.
  • The nail colors are rich and extremely long-lasting. The application on the nails is quite smooth. There is a range of chip-resistant nail lacquers offered by Orly. The wide and fascinating range of colors that this brand has to offer for its buyers is very special because every woman looks for variety, and this brand gives all required by the classy females.
  • The brushes are very fine and wide for the smoother application. This brand can satisfy its shoppers in every way. Its bottle has the new genius brush along with the gripper cap which shows the professional applicator to get the superior finishing of the nail paint. Moreover, this gripper has received a patent for its unique design.
  • Orly nail polish is considered to be a healthy nail polish for the nails. It is due to the absence of harmful chemicals, like dibutyl phthalate (DBP), gluten, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, MEHQ/HQ, toluene, Ethyl Tosylamide, parabens, and MIT. The nail paints are prepared without the use of any of these ingredients.
  • These nail colors have a very professional look and this unique look can be easily obtained at home. The salon-style finish and perfect glance for every occasion make Orly a highly demanded and a trendy brand among the celebrities as well as the normal women.

The brand is quite old but has constantly made improvements and maintained high standards. In this competitive world, any brand needs to move ahead in the market with new progress. The updates with time are the demand of the customers.

There are over 250 shades with a huge range from metallic and matte; from neutral to bright. The company initiated from the French manicure towards the setup of a big global nail polish brand Orly. The nail enamels are sold all over the world and are easily available on famous online sites as well as the makeup stores.

Orly is a premium brand and some people might feel that it is unaffordable. The people who buy it will not get disappointed with their choice because the high price is worth the quality. It has maintained the standards to stay amongst the top nail paint brands used by classy women. This cruelty-free nail polish will always gratify its customers with outstanding products.


Chrome nail polish: Subtle and sophisticated looks

Chrome nail polish gives a classic mirror effect and gives a perfect urban look to the females. The females who love to get the mirror graciousness over their nails have loved the concept of chrome nail polish. The reflection appearing on your nails is worth the bucks you’ve spent over the chrome concept nail polish. The people obsessed with the beauty of reflections from the mirror would love these nail paint concepts.

Chrome nails give a mirror manicure effect. The amazing polishing look captures the heart of the people around you. The stunning colors are eye-catchy and the glamour world is quite fascinated by the impact it leaves on the eyes. There are nail wraps of metallic patterns available in the form of chrome nail polishes. The metallic varnishing on nails gives a reflecting look, unlike the shimmery effect given by the glittery nail paints. There is a lot of variation in the glittering pigments as it gives a mysterious mirror effect. The shade you’ve chosen matters the most in defining the looks for this color-changing nail polish.

Some chromic nail paints brighten up your day. The following brands have the most beautiful chromic effect nail polishes:

  • Miracle gel by Sally Hansen
  • Julep metallic in Zelda
  • Night Fight by Nars nail paint
  • Metal morphosis by Nails Inc.
  • Deborah Lippman chrome nail paints
  • Zoya professional lacquer
  • Smith and Cult

You can express your quirky side by going with metallic nail shades. The highlighted chrome nail polishes can shine bright and gives a diamond look on your hands. Nail polish brands come out with innovative ideas and designs and chrome nail polishes have been a development that has been very much accepted by the consumers. It has changed the conventional concepts to trendy and exciting ideas.

Chrome nail polishes are well-liked by the youngsters and the finishing they give has contributed a lot to its popularity. These shades look good for a night party as the chrome shines beautifully with artificial lighting. Nail polish finishes make a difference in your overall getup for a party. Chrome concepts are great for adding some glamour quotient in the nail makeup. The tones in gold, silver, and bronze are quite appealing. You can wear them on different days to reflect your mood for the day.

The concept of matching or complimenting your nail paint shades with dressing has always been a fascination for females. The concepts are changing and the manicure concepts are designed in a way that any dressing can be worn with them. Nail art concepts highly use chrome nail polishes to give an attractive look. Evening occasions are the most suitable for chrome nail paints. They won’t look so good in the professional front and hence, should be spared for the after-office fun times.

Removal of chrome nail polishes is somehow tougher than the normal ones. It requires a proper way to remove it completely. Try out chrome nail polishes on special occasions and feel more special with the mirroring effect of highlighted nails.


Matte nail polish

The professional care of your nails defines your self-caring personality. Manicure makes you feel great and a beautiful nail polish after the session gives a boost to your confidence. There are so many options to adorn your nails and matte nail polish boldly defines your nails. Matte nail polish, whether in light or dark tones, will give your nails a beautiful look that you will start getting a great feel from them. The present fashion standards define matte nail polishes as a classy tone appearance for any lady.

The latest fashion trends are guided by celebrity and model trends. Matte nail polish gives a modern appearance to the nails. The liking of females depends on their selection of different tones. Darker matte colors were initially loved by women but after the pastel trends arrived in the market, there were even light base matte nail polish covers available which looked fresh for a longer time. This became the choice of working females who specifically used the computer at work.

Many companies have floated matte nail polish concepts into the market. The matte topcoats can give you a perfect look without making the nail color go flat. Some men also like matte nail finish to give a neat appearance to the nails. The main concept is to get the topcoat protective qualities without any shiny appearance on the nails. Orly brand gives the specialized nail coat for the males to serve the requirements of a well-groomed man.

Matte nail polishes have crossed the line of standard glossy nail finishes. The ultra-sleek trends have changed and the modern-looking matte nail polishes have revolutionized the beauty world. The flat finish given by matte nail paints is attractive for females of all ages. With the right products, it is easy to put on your matte nail polish with ease and it appears brighter and more attractive than the glossy concepts.

Steps to apply matte nail polish perfectly:

  1. Prepare the nail and start applying your favorite base coat. Stay patient and allow it to dry well. It will create a perfect bed to apply matte nail polish.
  2. Start polishing your nails with any matte nail color. The darker shades will give a bold effect on the nails and the lighter shades will give a deep outlook. The choice is yours.
  3. Let your nails dry and polish matte top coat over the nail to stabilize the shade well over the nail bed.
  4. Apply the second layer of the topcoat for matte nails. Dry it well. The top coating should be applied well inside the cuticle and inside the skin for ensuring that your whole nail is covered with the nail polish.

The perfect matte look is not easy to obtain and there can be no compromise to be made in its application process. Hence, it is essential to make sure that you apply the right efforts and apply matte nail polish only when you know that you can do it without any hassles.


How to choose the best nail polish?

As consumers, we put in a lot of effort into making the purchases. When it comes to minor things like accessories or makeup items like nail polishes, the products are simply grabbed by making the payments. These small things are not thought about so much because they have a lower cost. Females love to gather a stock of nail polishes to mix and match the colors or change their nail paint often. Long-lasting nail polish is indeed the best nail polish as it stays for longer and has a higher quality. These days, consumers keep a track of the quality of nail products because low-quality products can ruin the nails and they don’t look attractive as well.

The small purchases of nail paints shouldn’t be undertaken carelessly. If you buy nail polishes very often and have a huge love for these products, these considerations can help you to make the right choice.

  1. Try to try it: This is an important rule. You must take a trial of the nail polish before buying it. The consistency, color, and application of the nail polish can’t be understood without taking the trial. Some nail polishes are too thin or thick to apply which makes them quite difficult to handle. If you’re buying online, make sure that you have used the particular brand and paint beforehand to avoid any liking issues later on.
  2. Comparison: It is an important step. You must compare the same (or similar) shades of different brands. It will help you to recognize the brand of your choice. You must also consider the nail polish smell. It might sound awkward but the reality is that some smells don’t appeal to you and remain for quite a long time. Open the bottle and check out consistency, smell, and pigment colors before buying it.
  3. Skin tone: The skin tone determines a lot about buying nail paints. Light and medium shades look good on lighter skin tone and dark colors appear great on the dark skin tone. There are variations of all the shades in light to the dark tone and you can apply the ones matching with your skin color.
  4. Samples: If you’re buying from stores, there will be samples offered to try out the colors. Check out the colors appealing to your mind and see if they look great on you. Else, putting it on someone or a paper sheet could also be another case.
  5. Matte or glitter: The major categories of nail paints are matte or glittery. Nail polishes look good as per the weather, your mood, occasion, and your hands. Common sense is needed to make the right selection as going to the interview and a dance club will require different colors of nail polish shades.
  6. Spend money wisely: Don’t spend too much money on any brand without knowing its brand value. Expensive nail paints might be appealing or completely useless. Don’t just look at the cost of the nail paint but also check out its reviews, texture, and quality. Make the right choice and choose the nail paints wisely. Never hurt to experiment to try out new things but don’t select anything that doesn’t match your personality.

Holographic nail polish colors

The sparkles on your nails are the most charming appearance on the personality of a female. Holographic nail polish colors are highly in demand due to the glamorous effect they leave on the personality. The concept of holographic nails is that they refract light. When light hits holo-nail polishes, it bends and fractures the light into different colored wavelengths in white light. This is the base of the creation of rainbows in the natural world.

If you’re ready to try out holographic nail polishes, get some beautiful colors home and start painting your nails with the rainbow effects. These nail paints will give you many colors and you can have all the colors while wearing only one nail paint. A single nail paint will give you different color effects.

ILNP floated different versions of mega holographic polishes. When you look at the shades, they appear dull but as the light hits it, the shades turn into rainbow-like prism on the nail surface. The color band can be seen as a candle flame on the nails. The formulation of holographic nail paints is easy to apply and won’t get inside your nail cuticles. It requires a minimum of two coats to look bright. The nails should become opaque to get the best effect of the holographic effect. The brightness of nail paint should hide the visibility of nail and there will be different colors revealed by your nails in white light.

Holographic nail polishes usually chip off very rapidly. Even the high-end brand nail paints can’t remain even about a week. If you think about adding a topcoat to holographic nail polish, it will decrease its holographic effect. The topcoat can increase the wear time of the nail polish but it might not be true in all the cases. It might ruin the beauty of the pure holographic effect of the nail polish.

The intense holographic nature of the specialized nail polishes leaves an intense effect on the nail surface. The application of these nail paints might appear difficult but it is very easy to apply on the nail surface. Your nails will give a rainbow effect with two-three coats. There are many vegan options available for the holographic nail paints and the people looking for cruelty-free nail polishes will also get many options from the top nail brands.

Holographic nail polishes are different from metallic and glitter effect polishes. The rainbow explosion can be fascinating and appear like any old manicure but when the nails hit the light, they give that special effect. The only issue with holographic nail paints is that they need good lighting to shine. So, it would be impactful during the night parties. The brush sometimes becomes a fuller which is a problem in some cases. However, if you try to learn the ways to hide opaqueness of nails, it would be possible only with the correct application of holographic nail paints. Bring the amazing holographic colors from prime nail paint brands for a unique effect on your nails.


Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish colors for changing your personality

Many women are interested to learn about fashion. They want to look superb by wearing the impressive nail polish colors which boost their confidence. Nail polish color trends keep on changing with time but there are a few timeless concepts that look attractive for every female.

The nail polish colors you are looking for should define you. It reams about a female’s personality. There are many colors available which could suit your personality and even mood. You can try out different shades to find out the most appealing shade. The color of your nails will reflect on you. There are different colors with different tones. Dark shades add to drama and mystery to the appearance of a woman. The lighter shades give a gentle and feminist feel. There is a mood variance depicted in every shade.

Dark nail polish color brings out mystery and strength of character. Navy blue, green, cherry and other exciting bright shades can make your day lively. Black nail polish looks chic and the dark reds give a retro appearance. These nail polish colors will look dramatic on any skin tone. The correct application of nail polish is important to get the right look of the shade.

Trendy nail polish ideas will tell you that you’re really interested in fashion trends and want to remain in with the crowd. The nail polish colors are differently worn for different seasons. Mattes are majorly worn in winters and glossy shades look perfect in summers. It doesn’t mean that you can’t apply glossy shades during winters but the majority of shades go in that way. The glittery, shiny or metallic look will appeal to your character. The evening occasions can be really magical with the application of the right nail polish color.

There are different nail polish patterns in vogue right now. The nail art designs are really impressive and as per the dress-type. The patterns with bronze, gold, graphite, gunmetal, silver, and chrome with the other combinations will make all the eyes on you. The colors will add a drama to your look. There are traditional options for French manicure done with black, white, pale, pastel and clear tone shades. There are many different shapes, patterns, and accessories used in nail art.

It is great to pick up your nail polish as per your mood. There should be no worries about the skin tone. Most of the shades look great on any skin color if worn properly. It is essential to look after the health of your nails to keep a great going. Regular manicure sessions can keep your nails strong and there won’t be any case of nail cracking. It will reflect on you and the show off to your nails to perfection. Pick up your perfect nail color and wear it with full confidence to keep going in the right way. Love your nails and they will surely boost up your confidence and make you feel smarter from inside.