Good Morning guys! Today I have for you guys the Crackle Metals from China Glaze! I know I know, more crack/shatter/blasted/fractured/whatever. I have to say, even though I’m kinda getting over crackle polish I was pretty excited for these ones, a few of them are ones no one else has given us yet.  I’m pretty impressed with these crackles, if you remember back to my post of the original set of crackles China Glaze put out you might remember that I didn’t love them. A few of them hardly cracked and they were a bit hard to work with. Good news, these are much better! I didn’t have any huge issues with these cracking, a few were a little bit tricky but overall I like them!

For consistency I layered all of these crackles over OPI Black Onyx! I used a medium coat of the crackle polishes for all of these swatched, thick coats of crackle didn’t work out to hot for me.

Cracked Medallion is a copper/bronze. I would call it the color of a penny. Love this one…the color is gorgeous!

Haute Metal is a pale pink metallic. I didn’t think I would like this but over black it was awesome!

Latticed Lilac is a pale lavender. I thought I would actually like this one more. The purple was a little bit too pale for me. Over black it didn’t really look purple, perhaps the purple will come out more over other shades!

Tarnished Gold is a gorgeous honey gold! Love it! I’ve been wanting a gold crackle polish so badly! I tried the Sally Hansen gold and wasn’t too impressed with it so I was pretty happy that Tarnished Gold worked out better for me!

Oxidized Aqua is a light blue. By far my favorite of the collection! I can’t wait to layer this one over more colors!

Platinum Pieces is the silver crackle! I’ve gotta say, I think that OPI Silver Shatter cracks a little better than Platinum Pieces, but maybe I just need to play with this one more.

 These should be in stores sometime this month, but I don’t have an exact date!

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