Hi guys! Sorry for the late post today, originally I had something else planned for today but decided to put it on the back burner until tomorrow! Before I start talking about today’s polish I have a little something to say about yesterdays post since it caused a little stir. I do think it’s pretty satisfying to find a cheaper dupe of a great polish like Captivated and am always happy to post about them to let you guys know about them. I felt kinda crappy after posting yesterdays comparison, even though I’m helping you guys out I would hate to be responsible for Cult Nails losing any sales. I love the big brands but I love supporting small businesses especially those run by people I have gotten to know. One of the main reasons I love Cult Nails (besides Maria being awesome) is that they are so open about the behind the scenes happenings and it’s interesting to see how things work from that side. It feels like we are a part of what they are putting out and that’s rare! Basically what I’m trying to say Cult Nails > Icing 🙂 I know a lot of people feel that way, I just felt like saying it!

Just found out an awesome thing that stemmed from my post yesterday…a sale!! If you head over to CultNails.com you can get Captivated for $4.50 when you buy 2 other polishes. The coupon code is “Icing” (without the quotation marks!)! Cult Nails has some other fantastic colors to choose from (including the one below), so it’s a pretty fantastic deal!
Alright onto pretties! This is the 2nd polish I’ve tried from the new Day At The Races Collection from Cult Nails and it’s called Let Me Fly. Let Me Fly is a dusty blue with silver shimmer! In the sun the shimmer seems to do magical things and flashes a whole bunch of colors…which was hard to capture! The formula was great, went on like butter! I used 2 coats for full opacity!