Good Morning guys! Today I have for you guys OPI’s Nice Stems Collection for Summer 2011! I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I first heard the names! Any collection with a polish named Come To Poppy is a collection I will look forward to lol. I think a lot of you have been looking forward to it also, I’ve seen in my stats lots of searches for swatches! The Nice Stems Collection is made up of 4 pink shades, not something I would usually get too jazzed about but I really like these!

First up is Be A Dahlia Won’t You, a bright pink polish packed with shimmer. This has a bit of a foil finish to it. This is easily my favorite of the collection, it was love at first sight! The formula was good, a bit sheer though but really does it matter when it builds up to look like below? nope!


Come To Poppy is a darker pink, a tad bit of coral happening here. It is also packed with a pearly shimmer. Sure seems like this pearl shimmer is going around this season. The shimmer in this is gorgeous in the sun, pictures don’t do it justice. The formula was also really great, a little thick but in a good way. If you use thick coats you might be able to get away with only needing 1 coat for this one. It is a little bit brushstrokey but it doesn’t bother me since it doesn’t make it look frosty! I used 2 coats of Come To Poppy for the photos below.

Play The Peonies is a very light pink toned white with a pearly shimmer. Shades like this are what I like to call wearable white, they are light enough that they look white to most people but in no way does it look like you slapped some white out on your nails and called it a day. The shimmer is also lovely, at the right angle it was all multicolored and gorgeous! The formula was also surprisingly good, light shades can be a pain sometimes but no issues here. Like Come To Poppy this was a bit brushstrokey but it wasn’t too bad! I used 2 coats of Play The Peonies for the photos below!

Last up is I Lily Love You which is multicolored iridescent glitter in a sheer pink base. This was very very sheer, so sheer that it’s not something I will wear by itself. I’m a little bit disappointed by it to be honest, I was really hoping it would be opaque and dense enough to wear on it’s own. It is however gorgeous as a layering polish. The glitter is very irregular, some square, some round…some crazy lookin pieces. This polish reminds me of Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art in Pink Sprinkles…if you wanted that but couldn’t justify the price this could be a good alternative and it’s a little cheaper! The formula wasn’t too thick like it usually is in chunky glitters like this! I used 1 coat of I Lily Love You over Play The Peonies for the photos below. I decided to put it over that so you can see a little bit of the base pink color!

Close up, it’s over Come To Poppy in the close up!

This limited edition Nice Stems! collection will be available beginning June 2011 at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands, Beauty First, Chatters, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Pure Beauty, Regis, Trade Secret, and ULTA, for  $8.50 ($10.95 CAN) suggested retail for each Nail Lacquer.