Hi guys! Another quick post today for you, wanted to get this up to let you know about a great sale!

Cult Nails is having an awesome 4th of July sale, all of their polishes are $7.40 this weekend only. That is a GREAT price. Unfortunately the gorgeous polish I’m showing you below is sold out, but no worries it will be back soon!

Cruisin’ Nude is an amazing beige nude polish with a pink shimmer! I was in the middle of swatching a whole bunch of polishes when I put this one on. I was not happy to have to take it off so it went right back on when I was done swatching for the day! The formula is awesome, almost a 1 coater for me! I used 2 coats of Cruisin’ Nude for the photos below.

Cult Nails polishes can be bought on their official website CultNails.com, they retail for $10 each!