Good Morning guys! Almost Friday wooo! I’m off work tomorrow, I think so I’m extra excited. I say I think because I pretty much have not been at work at all this week due to whatever weird sickness I have come down with so we’ll see if I end up going in to make up for that or not. Tonight I’m going to LA to see Bayside again! I’m pretty much stoked…also hoping to see some random celebrities. Since it’s a Thursday my chances might be good lol

So this is what I’m wearing on my nails for tonight. I picked these up a little bit ago at Ulta…they were in the clearance section. So what are they? They are decals from a company called Nail Fraud…this design is called Disco. I am in LOVE with this design…I can’t stop staring at my nails! My only complaint….it was not easy to get off the excess strip. Maybe I’m spoiled by the Sally Hansen Salon Effects but on these it felt like that free edge did not want to come off…and when it did it was all jagged and pokey. I’m probably going to go back to Ulta and see if I can find any more of these…in my opinion they are so cute that the extra bit of work was worth it! In terms of awesomeness these are slightly below the Sally Hansen Salon Effects but waaaaaay above those Art Club decal nightmares.

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