Good Morning!  I am SO excited about what I have for you guys today. This was on my wishlist FOREVER. Nfu Oh 61, ahhhh! I thought I would never own this, it was sold out for months on

I love nail polish.

, I had given up hope. Then it came back in stock and I snatched one up, woohoo! I think it’s already sold out again though, which is a shame…blame the jerks who buy multiple bottles with the intention of selling them on ebay for lots of money (I have a strong dislike for people like that).

I saw a comparison on Make Up Alley a couple weeks ago between this new batch of 61 and a bottle the person bought a year ago and it seems to be a little less holo but damn…it’s still awesome! When I bought 61 I also picked up 51 (!!!) and the Aqua base coat. It does seem like the Aqua base helped with application. I’m going to need to try it again with a holo I’ve used before not with an Aqua base to see if it really does make a difference. I used 2 coats of Nfu Oh 61 for the photos below.