Good Mornin’! 1 more day left of work till a glorious¬† 3 days weekend, I can’t wait! The rain here is back today, ugh. I love some rain but I’ve had enough…I guess I should just be glad I don’t live somewhere that gets mudslides. On Christmas we went down to my Aunt’s house in San Clemente and you could see where a river of mud went down their street. I guess it was so bad that it was even inside their van, ew!

Today I have for you guys Sally Hansen Gentle Blossom. This comes from a brand new display popping up at drug stores for a new line from SH called “Nail Growth Miracle”. Most of the colors were pretty boring but this one caught my attention. I thought Gentle Blossom would be a little more minty green, but it pulls pretty blue on me. Reminds me of BB Couture- Manbug, just with shimmer instead of glitter. The silver-ish shimmer in this polish came through really well, I worried that it might be one of those hidden shimmers but it peeks through really strongly! I really like this polish, should SH come out with more colors for this new line that interest me I’ll definitely be picking them up!

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen- Gentle Blossom